Traverse Systems


The IVK automotive windtunnel in Stuttgart, Germany
is a full scale aero­acoustic wind tunnel. The max
windspeed is 255 km/h. The traverse was installed in
1993. The system is able to position miscellaneous measurement equipment in the air­stream.
The traverse system is based on three linar ortho­gonal axes, and up to three additional rotational axes.
Y-axis: The first linear axis is a double axis, with two rails mounted in the building. The two axes are syn­chronized by the control system.
X-axis: The second axis is the main moving beam, parrallel to the flow.
Z-axis: The vertical axis is inside the flow and is aerodynamically shaped, to minimize influence created by the traverse. The vertical axis is a double vertical telescopic construction and the two parts can be controlled independently or coupled.
Type of traverse: 2YXZ.

At the end of the vertical arm, a Roll Unit with CFK arm is mounted.

At the end of the roll arm, a Probe Manipulator is mounted to enable changing the angle and rotation of the probe.

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