Traverse Systems

BMW Double Traverse System

The double traverse was installed in 2008 at BMW, Munich, Germany.

A double traverse system has been developed. The system can among other be used to simulate an overtake situation. The traverse system consist of two separate traverses, sharing the same two Y-axes.
The two traverses are able to move independently of each other.

The traverse system has one traverse for supporting a hexapod with strut and car model. And the system has a second traverse for supporting the second car model, when simulating the overtake.

During normal operation the second traverse is used for flow field measurements, and is equipped with rotation units.

The possibility of a collision between the two traverse bodies has demanded a security add-on that will stop movement of the traverses if a safety zone is entered.

Manual Control Unit:
The unit controls 7 axis: x, y, z, Pan, Roll1, Roll2, Tilt.
The traverse can be controlled with joystick or handwheel.
The resolution of handwheel and display is 0.01 mm.
The built-in display shows position and angles of the traverse axes.

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