Traverse Systems

Manual Control Unit

The Manual Control unit (Handbox) is part of a traverse system. (Option)

The Handbox is useful for moving the traverse with a joystick or handwheel. A number of function keys are available for settings and teach-in and a display shows the status of the axes. An emergency stop is available for a fast stop of the traverse.

As long as the Operator key on the Handbox is switched on it will have full control. This is from safety reasons.

A 2-D joystick is available to move one or two axes at a time. It is suitable to move the traverse over longer distances.

The velocity increases with the deflection of the joystick. The maximum velocity can be set high or low on a function key.

On the axis selector the operator can select which axis or pair of axes to move.

An electronic
handwheel is available to move one axis at a time. The handwheel is suitable to move the traverse a small distance to a well-defined position. It has a resolution of 100 steps pr revolution and the scale can be set to move the axis from as little as 0.01 mm each step.

A display on the Handbox continuously shows the status or position of each axis.

function keys can be used to switch between position and status display, change coordinate type displayed, change speed level and to stop smoothly. Furthermore they can be used for teach-in.

emergency button can be pressed to stop the traverse fast. It will stop the traverse just like the other emergency stops for the traverse.

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