Traverse Systems

Traverse for Model Wind Tunnel

A Model Wind Tunnel is typically used for testing cars in a scale of up to 60 percent.

Local control

Power & control cabinet

The traverse has typically 3 linear axes including a Gantry axis. Optionally one or more rotational axes and/or probe supports can be added.

The construction is optimized with FEA to achieve low blockage, high natural frequency and high stiffness, resulting in a high stability in the wind and very precise positioning.

The traverse can be mounted on the ceiling, on the walls or built up from the floor.

The power control system for the traverse contains servo motors with servo amplifiers, range limit switches, safety PLC's and a number of analog and digital I/O's. EtherCat is used as the process control interface.

The control software is based on a real-time PLC running on a Windows platform. On top of this, the software that makes up the operator interface is running.

The traverse can be controlled from a local computer, a handbox or remotely through an ethernet connection.

The traverse can optionally be extended to support crane functionality.

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