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Jacob Raagaard Engineering (JRE) was founded by Jacob Raagaard in 1998. The main activity of the company is to deliver turnkey traverse systems for the automotive industry covering all phases from development through production and installation.

Essential characteristics of the traverse systems are their high stiffness, high natural frequency and high precision.

employed in Dantec as chief designer for traverse systems, and responsible for carrying through all the large projects supplied by Dantec to the automotive wind tunnels. Consequently he has an in depth knowledge of the technology and control systems of these installations. In 1998 Dantec stopped developing large traverse systems and the activities were handed over to JRE.

JRE has entered into an agreement with Dantec concerning service, maintenance and obligations of guarantee, and a licence agreement for use of existing constructions and systems. There is a close cooperation between Dantec and JRE, especially concerning know-how and resources.

Jacob Raagaard is a Master of Science, mechanical engineer, specialized in optics, measurement techniques and Finite Element Analysis. He has during a number of years evolved and improved techniques in the complicated area of traversing equipment in wind tunnels.

Other important technologies are covered by employees who also have high experience in the field of traversing equipment.

By the end of 2009 the company Raagaard ApS was founded

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